Qi Beauty

Qi Beauty is the first and only treatment that uses static magnetic fields for aesthetic and skin recovery. During a treatment, skin is stimulated with magnets which are non-invasive, needle free and damage-free. These treatments utilize a combination of Japanese and Chinese acupuncture points and facial meridians.

There are a wide variety of concerns I can address with these treatments. Qi Beauty can:

  • diminish the size of fine lines
  • diminish the depth of wrinkles
  • reduce the appearance of scarring
  • reduce inflammation and redness
  • detox skin
  • create volume in the areas you want it most
  • lift skin for a visible difference
  •  treat Bell’s Palsy effectively
  • help lessen the effects of Rosacea

During a treatment, magnets will be placed onto a matrix or design on your face. The pattern of the magnets or “matrix” will vary depending on what is being treated. Organic oils will then be applied on top of those magnets and you will be left to relax for approximately 30 minutes allowing the magnets to draw Qi into the
face matrix to initiate the healing process.

Once the magnets are removed, you will be provided with a home kit for you to continue a variation of the treatment on your own until the next appointment.  Treatment plans vary from 3-6 in office, depending on the skin type of the patient and what is being treated, and home kits can be done daily or every second day. Home kits are very easy to administer and only take about 5 minutes to apply. These kits are included in the cost of the treatments as they are an integral part of the healing process.