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Shiatsu is only available at our St. Anne’s Clinic

15 minute treatment – $31

30 minute treatment – $51

45 minute treatment – $61

60 minute treatment – $71

75 minute treatment – $87

90 minute treatment – $98

120 minute treatment – $128 * subject to selected Massage Therapists

$2 discount on all Massage treatments if paying cash, cheque, debit, m/c or visa at time of treatment.


Benefits of Shiatsu

Shiatsu massage is an ancient form of healing that involves applying pressure to various points of the body which can unblock energy channels. Chi energy blockages can result in physical dysfunctions. A Shiatsu Therapist uses a sustained pressure in a gentle manner which can release the energy blockages and return the patient to a state of pain free health. Contact Us for more information