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What is acupuncture and how does it work?

What is acupuncture and how does it work?

Acupuncture is a treatment which involves fine, thin needles which then are inserted into specific predetermined points on a person’s skin.

Scientists have done a lot of research on Acupuncture and it is clear that it can relieve many types of pain.

The treatment of acupuncture involves an acupuncture practitioner who inserts needles into a person’s body with a purpose of balancing the energy in body.

Balancing a person’s energy is a fantastic way to boost well-being a overall health.

Acupuncture is used for treating many different types of acute and chronic pain.

How does it work?
As per traditional Chinese medicine experts, health is an outcome of a harmonious balance of “yin” and “yang” which are a part of our life force, which is known as “qi” (pronounced as “chi”). If there is illness that means there is imbalance in our yin and yang.

Qi is energy which flows through the 12 primary pathways or meridians in the human body. These meridians contain over 400+ points on our body, all with their own specific medicinal action and indication.

Some of the people have used neuroscience to explain how acupuncture actually works. The stimulation of the point with the needle increases the blood flow, and qi to the area and at the same time triggers the body’s natural pain response and releases serotonin from the brain.

World Health Organization (WHO) has listed a lot of situations in which they say acupuncture has proven effects.

These are
1. Gastric conditions like gas, bloating and indigestion
2. Migraine treatment and relief from
3. Menopausal symptoms
4. Seasonal allergies
5. Infertility
6. Arthritis
7. Sprains and strains
8. Stress/Depression/Anxiety issues
9. Menstrual issues
10. Overall wellness and immunity

Acupuncture is safe if it is performed correctly by a trained professional. It has very few side effects. Pairing up acupuncture with other treatments can be very effective.

What to expect during an acupuncture treatment?
An acupuncturist will conduct an initial assessment and take a full history before performing any acupuncture. The patient will be made aware of what the intention of the treatment is before the needles are inserted.

The client will be asked to lie on their back, front or side which will be determined in the intake based on the client’s chief complaint.

When each needle is inserted in the body, the client may feel tingling or other gentle sensations.

Acupuncture is relatively painless therapy and is generally found to be very relaxing.

The needles will be placed in your body for about 30-45 minutes.

The number of such treatments needed depends upon individual, their level of health at the time of the appointment, how long they have had whatever their chief complaint is, and the severity of the ailment.

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