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Foot Reflexology with benefits

Foot Reflexology with benefits

Foot Reflexology with benefits

Foot Reflexology with benefits

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a treatment which a process of applying pressure on the feet and hands of your client with a specific thumb or finger without the application of oil or lotion.


Base of reflexology

Reflexology is also called zone therapy which is based on the connectivity of 12 vital organs connection to the points on the feet through a channel. By applying pressure the reflexology therapist unblocks the channel and restores proper health and organ function.


Benefits of foot reflexology

Each day we put a lot of stress on our feet by standing, walking, running etc. It’s a belief of reflexology therapists that health begins from your feet and travels up. Some of the benefits of reflexology are below:

  1. Improves blood circulation – Now a days our lifestyle is more about sitting at one place, we are not using the muscles of our feet properly. Fashion can also be problematic as tight footwear affects the circulation of blood in our feet. Reflexology helps in transferring oxygen to the body’s cells which is very essential for a proper functioning body.
  2. Fights depression – There are some points a Reflexology Therapist can access which are helpful in reducing depression symptoms.
  3. Relax body – When you are stressed out have a reflexology treatment and it will refresh you and elate you.
  4. Promotes better sleep – Reflexology amplifies blood circulation which directly helps you to have a more restful sleep.
  5. Reduces blood pressure – Reflexology treatments can be very beneficial If a person is suffering from hypertension problems. Reflexology is an effective stress booster for anyone.
  6. Limits foot and ankle injuries – Massaging the injured foot can reduce pain, reduce muscle soreness and can boost recovery. Combine foot massage with stretching techniques to increase flexibility to the muscles and guard them from pain while in motion.
  7. Headache relief – Reflexology is a perfect stress buster and it effectively relaxes the whole body helping you to get relief from your headache.

The benefits of reflexology are not only physical, they also help to uplift your mood and balance your mental state.

A reflexology practitioner should be certified and have knowledge of pressure points in the body. Most reflexology sessions last approximately 30 minutes but do vary from person to person.  Before the session discus your body issues with the practitioner and brief him/her about history of your health.


Things to Remember before seeing a Reflexology Therapist:

  1. After eating wait for at least one hour before your reflexology treatment.
  2. Reflexology is not recommended if you are expecting a baby.
  3. Drink water following the treatment to get rid of toxins and lactic acid that develop during the foot reflexology massage.
  4. If you have any injury or a blood vessel disease associated with clots or varicose veins then you should first consult a doctor prior to the reflexology treatment.

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