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Invest in Healthy Tomorrow

Invest in Healthy Tomorrow Massage Therapy is generally considered an alternative medicine. Now a day’s doctors are prescribing it as part of a standard treatment plan for many patients suffering from chronic pains. Massage therapy is suggested as a treatment for reducing pain, stress & muscle tension. Receiving a Massage ...
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Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Its Benefits

Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Its Benefits Getting a massage is a wonderful way to practice self care and is good for your health. Massage helps stretch the muscles and promotes recovery of muscles after workouts, also massage can also be used to manage certain medical conditions. And of course, lymphatic ...
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shiatsu-massage-winnipeg-What are the benefits of Shiatsu Therapy?

What are the benefits of Shiatsu Therapy?

What are the benefits of Shiatsu Therapy? What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu is a technique which was developed in Japan, it is a style of bodywork in which pressure is applied by fingers on specific points of the body, stretches, rocking movements and joint rotations to restore the perfect energy flow ...
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How Laser Therapy Helps in Pain relief and Healing?

That light energy from a laser can decrease pain and swelling, accelerate healing in injured tissues, relax muscles, and stimulate nerve renewal seems farfetched. As per Dr. Bruce Coren “Wavelength and power determine the intensity of the laser to penetrate into the body. Once you are in the infrared spectrum ...
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Massage types for relief from Arthritis

People suffering from chronic symptoms can consider using massage therapy on a regular basis, even daily use of self-massage can help a lot to manage pain and stiffness associated with Arthritis. Main Types of Massage Massage was used as ancient therapy to cure pain and stress which was practiced by ...
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What is acupuncture and how does it work?

Acupuncture is a treatment which involves fine, thin needles which then are inserted into specific predetermined points on a person’s skin. Scientists have done a lot of research on Acupuncture and it is clear that it can relieve many types of pain. Process The treatment of acupuncture involves an acupuncture practitioner who ...
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Hydrotherapy and its benefits

What is Hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy is a process of exercise therapy in a specially designed heated pool to treat a wide spectrum of conditions including joint pain, orthopaedic conditions, lower back pain, neurological conditions, arthritis, sports injury and many more. In a pool, warm water is used for gentle, ...
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Foot Reflexology with benefits

Foot Reflexology with benefits

Foot Reflexology with benefitsWhat is Reflexology?Reflexology is a treatment which a process of applying pressure on the feet and hands of your client with a specific thumb or finger without the application of oil or lotion. Base of reflexologyReflexology is also called zone therapy which is based on the connectivity ...
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Acupuncture role in Health and Wellness

Acupuncture role in Health and WellnessAccording to Chinese theory, good health is a result of finding the balance between “Yin” and “Yang” by invoking a person’s life force known as “Qi” which is pronounced as “chi”. “Qi” is the energy which flows through the human body and can be accessed ...
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Massage – A Necessity

Massage NecessityNowadays everyone is making efforts to balance their work and home life. This has become very difficult to do because of work, stress, tension and other things. After a tiring day at work or an adventurous vacation or even after a depressing day we think to ourselves, "I feel ...
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