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Hydrotherapy and its benefits


Hydrotherapy and its benefits

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy is a process of exercise therapy in a specially designed heated pool to treat a wide spectrum of conditions including joint pain, orthopaedic conditions, lower back pain, neurological conditions, arthritis, sports injury and many more.

In a pool, warm water is used for gentle, controlled movements. Water that is up to 31-35 degrees provides the opportunity to steadily progress in one’s treatment regime in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Hydrotherapy is different from swimming and aqua aerobics

Below are the benefits of hydrotherapy

  1. Lowers aches and pains
    Warm water helps in relaxing muscular pain. Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels which helps in boosting the circulation in the stressed area and can ultimately help in speedy recovery of body.
  2. Gives strength
    Hydrotherapy can help reinforce powerless musculature. Diverse activities can be embraced in water and the sort of activity recommended will shift as indicated by the condition or damage being dealt with.Resistance given by the water itself helps to strengthen weak musculature.
    Exercises can be advanced by increasing the speed off the activity or by increasing the surface area by implementing different forms of floats.
  3. Improves flexibility 
    The warm temperature of the water helps to loosen up tight musculature with the subsequent increment in scope of development of a specific joint. This will help the client feel more flexible.
  4. Improves fitness level
    Physical wellness can be depicted as a proportion of the body's capacity to work in a productive and compelling way amid day by day exercises without undue weakness. This can be accomplished through a healthy diet, adequate moderate to high energy exercise and satisfactory measures of rest.Exercise in a hydrotherapy pool can help in attaining the goal of being physically fit.
  5. Very little impact on joints
    Exercising in a pool has a very low impact on bones and joints, as there is little effect of gravity in water. A hydrotherapy pool provides the opportunity to exercise without your bones and muscles being shackled by gravity’s constraints. In this way, hydrotherapy  advantageously gives a portal to practice in specific conditions were consistent ground affect is excessively severe or not indicated.
  6. Relaxation
    When a person exercises in warm water, there can be a release of several hormones which helps in feeling energized. It is also proven that exercise in warm water can also help in alleviating symptoms
    of anxiety.

Of all the properties of water used during treatment, buoyancy is the most unique one. It gives a feeling of weightlessness to the person in the pool. This helps the person to perform the exercise effortlessly.

This helps and enhance nature of development of firm or weak joints.

This is likewise to a great degree helpful when ordinary strolling or weight-bearing is limited or excruciating particularly following different types of orthopaedic systems or intense wounds.

Hydrostatic pressure exerts pressure on the limb and helps in draining swelling in the body.

Hydrostatic Pressure whereby the water itself exerts external pressure on the limb in question and helps in draining any swelling which might be present.

In this way hydrostatic weight is thought to additionally help in recovery, especially after ongoing damage or medical procedure.

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