Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Its Benefits

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Getting a massage is a wonderful way to practice self care and is good for your health.

Massage helps stretch the muscles and promotes recovery of muscles after workouts, also massage can also be used to manage certain medical conditions.

And of course, lymphatic massage is very relaxing and can make you feel rejuvenated.

Some massage types claim to offer some deeper health benefits, such as Lymphatic Drainage Massages. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a kind of massage technique that involves applying very gentle pressure to stimulate the lymph nodes for draining excess fluid.

Lymphatic Drainage was initially developed during 1930s by Danish physicians Emil & Estrid Vodder a cure for lymphedema (a condition marked by swelling and the creation of build-up of lymph in the body’s soft tissues, it is due to infection, injury, cancer treatment, surgery, or genetic disorders affecting the lymph system). Lymphedema may result in range of symptoms, such as leg or arm heaviness, weakness, and pain.

You might be thinking what a lymphatic drainage massage could do for your health?

A human body’s lymph system is a network of organs, ducts, nodes and vessels that move lymph — a fluid comprising white blood cells, proteins, and fats — from your tissues into the bloodstream.

Your lymph nodes are assemblies which help the immune cells to fight various infections and filter your lymph fluid to reduce bacteria and cancer cells. You can consider your lymph system as a major line of defence against infections.

During a Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatment, the therapist stretches body’s skin in order to allow for congestion, debris and deposits to flow from the body.

Human body’s lymph nodes are body’s biological filtration system so they do this naturally. It is believed that by manually applying pressure on particular areas around your lymph nodes, you can speed up the process, or give your lymph nodes a boost.

There are a number of reasons why people particularly seek out Lymphatic Drainage Massages, including simply reducing visible puffiness on the eyes.

Lymphatic drainage can be very helpful if a person is recovering from an injury, lymphatic massage can actually help minimize some swelling

One of the major findings shows that Lymphatic Drainage Massage therapy can be really helpful for women with breast cancer. When people with cancer get surgery or undergo radiation treatments, or experience infections, it can create issues with the structure of their lymph system. This situation makes it difficult for the lymph system to do its job perfectly, and it can lead to a build-up of lymph, called lymphedema. If done perfectly, daily Lymphatic Drainage Massages can help minimize the amount of lymph fluid, and provide relief for these individuals.

Some people who are not cancer patients also go for lymphatic massages because they believe it will improve their immune system.

Lymphatic Drainage has also been used frequently for people suffering with such body issues like arthritis, orthopaedic injuries, hip or knee surgery, systemic sclerosis, chronic venous insufficiency, swelling and fatigue associated with menopause.

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