What Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can do for you?

Three thousand years of healing history can’t be wrong. In traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), the body and mind are treated as one.

There are 14 main meridians that run throughout the body like a miniature system of railways. They work together to govern the flow of bodily Qi or energy, passing through organs and connecting the senses. Along the meridians lie hundreds of acupuncture points, like subway stops where energy can added or released. In TCM, it is said that where there is pain along these meridians, there is energy blockage. This pain may manifest along the pathway of a meridian or at a specific acupuncture point. Over time, the blockage can affect the flow of Qi and Blood along the other meridians, adversely affecting other seemingly unrelated regions of the body and the internal Organs! As a result, the discomfort felt from relatively minor symptoms can be the outward indication of disease or imbalance inside the body.

Acupuncture needles act like switches on the railway to redirect energy to different meridians, or to slow down the flow or to increase it.

Traditional Chinese herbs work in conjunction with acupuncture to affect the flow of Qi or Blood through the body. Herbs are usually ingested by drinking tea or in pill form or, in certain cases, maybe applied directly to the skin. The herbs are a combination of dried roots, twig, bark, leaves, seeds, fruit and flowers. Most come from plants indigenous to China, through some can also be found in North America. Many are specially prepared to enhance their properties or to have greater effect on a specific organ.

There are thousands of years of written history defining herbal combinations and acupuncture point combinations that work best for specific ailments and symptoms. The skill of the TCM practitioner is in how they combine these herbs and points, based on their knowledge of this history and upon their own experience in practice.

In addition, Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the root of the condition rather than masking the symptoms as Western pharmaceuticals often do. TCM can also help many internal diseases such as insomnia, depression, gastroenteritis, migraine, infertility, menopause, premenstrual syndrome and so on. If you would like to talk to Dr Lin about your condition please call the clinic closest to you. She works from Both Henderson Massage Helath & Wellness Centre locations

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